With the exception of the player who made his debut, there are no active players at the international level left for the Test between India and Australia in Bangalore. During the now-famous promotion up the order, a clean-shaven 21-year-old Pujara was actively stepping out to the spinner, Nathan Hauritz, toying with his lengths and driving and flicking with ease as India chased down 207, largely due to Cheteshwr Pujara's 72, riddled with seven boundaries and a strike-rate of just over 80. After the victory, India continued to lead the Test standings.

In 2013, India and Australia faced off. After Shikhar Dhawan's injury, India will use a makeshift opener for the fourth test of the series in Delhi. Despite getting whacked on the finger during the game, the improvised starter goes on to score two fifties. The second one is a masterpiece that is now largely forgotten. The third day had seen 12 wickets fall on a surface that resembled the ones that had been more popular recently at home, including Australia getting bowled out for 164, leaving India with ten less runs to get on a poisonous pitch. Pujara's response, a magnificent 82 off 92 balls where he remains unbeaten, propels the pursuit. For five runs over the course of 17 balls, India falters briefly after losing Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, and Ajinkya Rahane. With three straight goals off Maxwell, Pujara answers quickly to put an end to the game as India easily defeats Australia at home.

India will play England in Mumbai in 2012. A spectacular collapse against the spin team of Graeme Swann and Monty Panesar tearing down a highly regarded Indian batting order at home catches them off guard. From the top order, only one man was still putting up a fight. Pujara, who just scored two hundred runs in Ahmedabad, survives a challenging phase against the new ball and goes on to be the only batter at the Wankhede comfortable enough to experiment with the quick spin available. Even though his strike rate against that spin combination is still in the low 30s, he still manages to muddle through to 135 off 451 balls despite still being unable to score runs off them. India loses the Test and the subsequent series, but Pujara holds strong and the effort is still in vain.

India and South Africa are playing in Johannesburg. India has a slim 36-run advantage, but when the batting conditions improve, it will not be enough. Pujara responds to their request for a massive dive in with another clean 153, lasting almost the entire day of play. Despite having a lead of over 450, India is unable to pursue victory, but the lead also prevents them from losing.

2015's India vs. Sri Lanka match will be Virat Kohli's first full series as captain. India first overcame a 1-0 deficit before Pujara's masterpiece in the last game sealed the victory. Pujara led India to 312 in the first innings after being reinserted into the team after losing his spot and was then given the responsibility of opening the innings. This set up victory on a pitch that would subsequently deteriorate as projected.

For Pujara, this is not unfamiliar territory; in fact, it's not far from the one he enjoys and revels in the most. He bases his batting style around getting plenty of at-bats and wearing down the opposition. When he made care to dull out the wildly seaming Dukes new ball and soften it almost every time he walked to the crease, it turned into a vital asset for India when they toured England in 2018.

He bats for 1258 balls, paving the way for India's first-ever Test series triumph in Australia with a strategy that was identical to this one. Additionally, he revives the discussion surrounding "balls faced" in Test cricket, evoking a time that has been all but forgotten.

"Your longevity is demonstrated by your participation in 100 Test matches. Your physical condition, resilience, and capacity for handling success and disappointment [matters] at that point. Because it is hard to avoid experiencing ups and downs on a path that involves 100 Test matches. And because it takes nearly a decade to play a hundred Test matches, you have to navigate through such situations, play a range of bowling, and answer several questions both on and off the field. And Pujara has accomplished a great deal in the last 13–14 years at the greatest level. Without a question, it's a testament to his talent, but [it's also] a tribute to so many other things, like I have mentioned. 

India and Australia are playing one other again in Delhi, and this time Pujara is attempting a novel spin-attack strategy. His brief outing in Nagpur demonstrated an attacking spin strategy, which may be required by the difficult playing conditions there when wearing down opponents isn't always a guarantee of runs later. In the Indian lineup, he also takes part in another batting transition. There are newer hurdles on the horizon, but India will be depending on Pujara to perform once more given the proof of what he has accomplished across 99 Tests. 

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